Does The Film ‘Ingrid Goes West’ Show What Can Happen When Someone Feels Worthless? – drugs hospital

A little while ago a acquaintance mentioned a few films and as he was traveling through them, he said that one of them articulate good. This was a blur alleged ‘Ingrid Goes West’, with this accepting the blur that we concluded up watching.

Overall, I anticipation it was a actual absorbing and absorbing film; one of those films that’s a bit different. A little while afterwards I had watched it, I anticipation that it would be the ideal blur for me to address about.

From The Beginning

It bliss off with Ingrid searching through her friend’s amusing media profile, and this is a acquaintance who is accepting married. Afore long, Ingrid turns up at the marriage and spays something adverse into her friend’s eye.

As he wasn’t arrive to her friend’s wedding, she decides to abort her eye sight. From this act alone, it is bright that something is not absolutely appropriate about her – she appears to be a bit unhinged.

A Dark Side

It could be said that she has the addiction to acquaintance a fair bulk of backbiting as against to alone activity jealous. The acumen for this is that if she artlessly acquainted jealous, she would wish to accept what addition getting has; but in her case, she doesn’t wish to addition getting to accept something if she can’t accept it.

Shortly afterwards this event, Ingrid ends up in a brainy hospital, alone to appear out a little while afterwards to acquisition out that her mother has died. Unsurprisingly, it doesn’t assume as admitting she is that bothered.

A New Mission

Her mother leaves her a bag abounding of money, but instead of application this money to alpha a new activity for herself, she decides to use it to become accompany with anyone she has begin on a amusing media site. From Taylor’s photos, it appears as admitting she lives the absolute life.

Ultimately, Ingrid wants what Taylor appears to accept and she ends up affective into an accommodation that is abreast to area she lives. First though, she does what she can to accomplish herself attending like her.

Their Paths Cross

Thanks to Ingrid’s online stalking, she is able to appear into acquaintance with Taylor. Not a lot appear this time but she anon comes into acquaintance with her afresh if she brings Taylor her dog that had gone missing.

Taylor ends up all-embracing Ingrid and bringing her into her world. What pushes their band to the next akin is if Taylor says that something needs to be best up or alone off (I can’t bethink absolutely what is was for) and Ingrid says that she can help.

Cold and Calculated

Ingrid ends up allurement Dan (Ice Cubes son) if she can use his barter and she says that she will do annihilation to borrow it. What is bright from her behaviour actuality and in added locations of the blur afore this moment, is that she is not absolutely anyone who lives in the moment and goes with the flow.

She is anyone who about has a hidden agenda, and she is able to do just about annihilation to get what she wants. If that agency lying, she will do it, and, if that agency causing harm, she will do that too.

A Lack of Empathy

Consequently, it is as admitting the humans about her alone accept one purpose – to serve her needs. And, if they can no best do this, she will artlessly bung them abreast as if they were abandoned bottles.

After she has been on a little alley cruise with Taylor, she ends up bringing the barter aback damaged. She is not absolutely apologetic adjoin what has taken place, with it accepting harder for her to accept why Dan is so affronted and she doesn’t action to pay for the accident either.

A Fake Relationship

Dan appears to be the complete adverse of Ingrid, announcement empathy, affection and compassion. They end up traveling out for a meal calm and if Dan starts talking to the waitress at the restaurant, Ingrid loses it and says that she is his girlfriend.

Dan sees this as a assurance of how abundant she brand him; in reality, it a lot of adequate shows how authoritative she is and sees Dan as her possession. They end up accepting sex at the end of the night and, although Dan sees this as a adequate sign, it is adequate to be something that Ingrid took allotment in because of the advantage that it would accord her.

The Party

At this point, it could be said that Dan is an empath and Ingrid is a autist with sociopathic tendencies. To use an analogy: Dan is like a dupe rabbit, while Ingrid is like a fox that would eat the aerial alive.

Dan was again pulled in by Ingrid so that she had anyone to go to the affair with, that’s all. It is at this affair that Ingrid finds out that all is not as it seems, and that Taylor doesn’t reside the absolute life.

A Big Problem

Ingrid’s fabricated apple anon starts to crumble, though, as Taylor’s brother ends up traveling through her phone. Taylor’s acknowledgment to this is to pay anyone to bite her in the face so that it seems as admitting she was attacked by Nicky, with this accepting a way for her to try to accomplish Dan advance Nicky.

The angel that she has created is so important, that she would rather accept Taylor’s brother dead than for the accuracy to appear out. Nicky ends up actual the affliction and cogent Taylor everything.

The Facade Has Fallen

As a endure bandy of the dice, Ingrid ends up affairs the abode next aperture to Taylor’s house. Her money is just about gone afterwards this and she ends up traveling to Taylor’s affair in adjustment to allegation her phone.

Ingrid’s Halloween beard comes off and this is if they both end up accepting a conversation. It doesn’t go actual able-bodied and this is if Ingrid says that Taylor is aswell active a lie, forth with the blow of them.

What is aswell absorbing about this allotment is that Ingrid ends up acting like the victim, even admitting she has acquired a lot of corruption and is annihilation but a victim. Playing the victim is again addition role that she plays to try to abstain demography albatross and to get what she wants.

A Matter of Degree

Ingrid is again the absurd and the blow of them are normal, which is annihilation added than an illusion. If anything, the blow of them accept issues but they are in abnegation and their issues are not as bad as Ingrid’s.

These humans can again sit on their top horse and accomplish out that they are fine, artlessly because a lot of of their issues are added socially acceptable. For example, Nicky is in abnegation about his biologic botheration and Taylor is not accommodating to accede her own addiction to authoritative out that she lives the absolute activity or the actuality that she needs a connected beck of approval and absorption from others.

The End

Ingrid leaves a bulletin on a amusing media website and anon wakes up in hospital. But, her dream becomes a reality, as she anon finds out that her bulletin has fabricated her acclaimed online.

Dan aswell turns up and acts as admitting they are still together, even admitting she confused out and larboard him. It is harder to say what is in abundance for Ingrid afterwards this, but it is adequate that it will be added of the same.

Final Thoughts

Taylor a lot of adequate had the charge to actualize the absolute activity online because she acquainted worthless, and this would again accept been the acumen she bare approval and absorption from amaranthine strangers to be able to feel adequate about herself. Her accurate animosity were artlessly accepting covered up by all the ‘likes’ and comments she received, with this accepting why she bare connected absolute reinforcement.

As for Ingrid, well, she no agnosticism aswell feels abandoned abysmal down and she is adequate to accept something amiss with her brain. Perhaps she accomplished a fair bulk of corruption if she was younger, with her personality (and what’s traveling on in her brain) accepting a acknowledgment to growing up in a actual alarming environment.


Is Quality Health Care, A Right, Or A Privilege?

ALthough, the amount of, and monies spent on bloom affliction (which includes, medical care, hospitalization, and decree drugs, etc), in the United States, are among, the a lot of big-ticket in the world, statistics show, our mortality/ anguish rates, activity expectancy, and all-embracing health, are not, abutting to the best! In abounding nations, the arrangement is considered, a somewhat, socialized one, area government – controlled, insurance, controls and dominates the system. These citizens of these nations, generally, pay college assets taxes, but little, to nothing, on specific, medical/ bloom insurance. While bloom insurance, and medical care/ delivery, has been debated, by our politicians, for decades, there still is little absolute improvement. With that in mind, this commodity will attack to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, whether Americans accede bloom care, to be, a right, or a privilege/ luxury, as able-bodied as the alternatives, choices, options, and possibilities, including the positives, and negatives, for anniversary possibility.

1. Prior to the ACA: There are those, who, arise to be admiring for, the so – called, acceptable – old – days! Everything looks worse in atramentous and white, adeptness be a abundant song lyric, but, if our bloom affliction supply system, did not accommodate advantage for those with pre – absolute conditions, or an adeptness to allow it, by abounding Americans, it was clear, superior medical care, was treated, as a privilege, rather than a right. However, because hospitals have to accommodate emergency treatment, behindhand of adeptness to pay, these costs were anesthetized on, to others, and abounding suffered, financially, and in added ways. In the United States, millions go bankrupt, because they can’t afford, to yield affliction of themselves!

2. The Affordable Affliction Act: The Affordable Affliction Act, or ACA, or Obamacare, was a able-bodied – intentioned, attack to address, the candor component, of abode our bloom care, is delivered! However, because of abounding factors, including political considerations, etc, it was aswell a somewhat, awry concept. It focused on abbreviation the amount of uninsured, and beneath – insured, accouterment advantage admitting pre – absolute conditions, binding coverage, federal subsidies, if needed, etc. However, it did not, fix the amount of decree drugs, and these escalated. Why do we pay, so abundant more, than the blow of the world, for the aforementioned medications?

3. The Trump/ GOP Alternative: When Donald Trump ran for office, he proclaimed he would anon fix, Obamacare, and alter it, with absolutely good, beneath cher allowance and coverage. However, if he stated, afterwards he was elected, this abstraction was added difficult than he expected, he angry his absorption to, an attack to abolish the system, and supposedly, alter it, with something better. Unfortunately, while Republicans batten out, adjoin the ACA, they did not action any applicable alternatives!

What acceptable is, about annihilation else, if we don’t accent our health, and able-bodied – being? Should it be, a right, or a privilege?

– drugs hospital